Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito: The Bra Clasp

Italian Translation

This video, posted by someone on youtube, shows Italian police picking up the bra clasp, purporting to have Rafaelle's DNA on it. Here is what the youtube user wrote on his/her page:

"The discovery of Meredith Kerchers' bra clasp 47 days after her murder. It is said to have a trace of Raffaele Sollecitos' DNA and is the only evidence that places him inside the room where the murder took place. There is no physical evidence at all of Amanda Knox. Note at 0:02 the finger reaching over and stroking the clasp: note at 0:30 the flashlight held directly over it: note at 0:33 the investigator reaching over and taking the clasp from the hands of the other: note 0:34 investigator takes it then grasps it with 2 fingers of other hand used to firmly grip flashlight: note at 0:43 how close the investigator holds the flashlight to clasp, note also how fast his movements are and that his mask is slipping down under his nose: note at 1:05 the investigators mask has dropped under his nose as he examines it closely: note 1:33 the investigator holds the flashlight so close to it that it seems to touch it just before he drops it (does he knok it out of his own hand?): note 1:37 the photographers camera and flash unit are held directly over it as they rediscover the clasp where just they dropped it: note 2:25 investigator brushes clasp against thumb of officer fumbling with evidence bag before they seal it. "

More from Frank Sfarzo of Perugia Shock:

"The piece (clasp) wasn't found on the first inspection and remained on the floor for long time, exposed to possible contaminations. Then, according to her ("Giulia Bongiorno, (Sollecietos' attorney), the contamination was certainly realized at the moment that they collected the clasp, on December 19.

Stefanoni rejected the allegations explaining to have followed the procedure, changing the tweezers at every sample, changing the gloves when she had to change them, filming and taking note of everything, etc. After the hearing her chief Renato Biondo wouldn't allow her to talk too much. But it doesn't really matter. They were triumphant after the hearing, certain to have demonstrated the correctness of their work...he defined the scientific data absolutely certain and the prosecutor's theory 'unassailable'."

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