Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Giuliano Mignini Defamation Suit: Now Amanda's Own Attorney and Italian Journalists Meet the Hammer of Odd Justice

From Perugia-Shock:

I didn't sue anyone, Mignini says in his office. But the indiscretion I just received is clear: an investigation for defamation is running against Amanda Knox's lawyer Luciano Ghirga, Raffaele Sollecito's lawyer Luca Maori, and Oggi journalist Giangavino Sulas, along with the director and editor of that magazine.

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Close followers of the case should no longer be surprised about any new defamation suits from here on out. In fact, there are so many now I'm starting to lose track. A defamation rehab clinic might be advisable for the sensitive Mignini. The list so far is as follows:

1. Amanda Knox: Charged with defamation of the police for claiming she was hit. No investigation was necessary, said Manuela Comodi, co-prosecutor. More on the defamation charge against Knox can be found here.

2. The West Seattle Herald: Mignini filed defamation charges in this case because Herald reporter Steve Shay quoted other people saying Mignini was "mentally unstable". Mignini sued the paper, mind you, not the people actually making this claim. You can read more about it here. It was ridiculous at the time and it's ridiculous now. Incidentally, this case has gone nowhere and obviously never will. Mignini actually stated he wanted U.S. officials to shut down the Herald.

3. Joe Cottonwood (Fiction Writer): I wrote about this in September of 2009. No U.S. papers picked it up, but some Italian ones did. Joe Cottonwood had the misfortune of being sued by Giuliano Mignini for this quote in an Italian newspaper:
"The Meredith Kercher murder is
one of those mirrors that reflects the prejudices of whoever is looking into it. There is no physical evidence and no credible motive, and yet an egotistical prosecutor is blaming Amanda Knox anyway. In the USA, this would only happen if she were black. Perhaps partying American college kids are so hated in Italy that Amanda will be treated as blacks are treated in the USA, and she will be convicted not because of the evidence but because of general resentment of shallow rich Americans. Personally, from what I've read I don't like Amanda Knox. She sounds spoiled, naive, and shallow. But that's not a crime. I loathe the prosecutor, who has a counterpart in every city in the USA - a preening, intellectually dishonest bully who cares more about making newspaper headlines than in serving justice. It's the same all over the world. Power and prejudice are the enemies of justice."
Mignini charged Cottonwood with criminal defamation, which could have included a jail sentence. Upon Mignini's own conviction for abuse of power, Cottonwood now asks "Am I still a criminal?". Well Mr. Cottonwood, if you're not a criminal now, you will be soon if you don't keep your mouth shut! I expect this case to go nowhere at all.

4. Edda Mellas and Curt Knox: Conveniently timed just before the verdict against their daughter, parents of Amanda Knox, Curt and Edda, were served defamation papers for statements made in an interview with John Follain.
5. Luciano Ghirga (Attorney for Amanda Knox), Luca Maori (Attorney for Raffaele Sollecito), Giangavino Sulas (Journalist for Oggi Magazine), Editor and Director of Oggi Magazine.
6. Mario Spezi: Italian journalist who co-wrote The Monster of Florence with journalist and author Doug Preston. His statement? According to Frank Sfarzo, "The work of Mignini has been a shame." (Paraphrased) Oh ya, and for good measure, Mignini actually accused Spezi of murder at one point.
7. Gabriella Carlizzi: Roman "Psychic" who Mignini has charged with defamation multiple times even though, according to Doug Preston, he used her as a "very important witness in the Monster of Florence Case."

Total count comes to 11 people charged with defamation. Who am I missing?

You can easily see why most common law jurisdictions give absolute immunity for allegedly defamatory statements if made during a legal proceeding. Look what happens when someone falls in love with these kind of law suits/charges.

If Mignini is reading, he may want to go to this page here and put in an application pronto.

Note: Another article by Spokane attorney Bill Edelblute, who writes for the, also recapped Mignini's defamation cases. You can find the article here.
I called Mignini asking for comment, he stated: "I hesitate to answer any inquiry as I fear I may be forced to charge myself with defamation. How can I charge someone other than myself now? There is no one left!". Ok ok, obviously a joke. We'll call it "satire", a protected form of speech in the United States--just in case Giuliano Mignini gets any wacky ideas!

UPDATE: We can now add another person to the Giuliano Mignini Walk of Defame list thanks to an email by one of our readers.

8. Francesca Bene, who works for a small Italian paper, Giornale dell 'Umbria, who was interrogated by one of the same police women that interrogated Amanda Knox and was indicted for causing public alarm by publishing false information.