Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motivations Against Giuliano Mignini

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Back in January, Giuliano Mignini was convicted for abusing his office. Just as all criminal cases in Italy, the judge's must publish their motivations 90 days after the verdict. Last month this blog posted a summary of the charges and significance against prosecutor Mignini (which we were able to do thanks to a very informed source who has followed the case closely in Florence). You can read that summary and view the sentencing report here. As discussed in that post, the charges Mignini was convicted for are:

1.) Illegally investigating journalists who had criticized him with the "intent to harass or deter them from pursuing their legitimate profession". Specifically the court found that Mignini had targeted Italian journalists Vincenzo Tessandori, Gennaro De Stefano, and Roberto Fiasconaro, because they had criticized his investigations into the death of Narducci.

2.) Ordering an illegal investigation of the Florentine ex police chief Giuseppe De Donno.

3.) Ordering illegal investigations of two officials of the Viminale, the Ministry of the Interior in Rome, including an illegal investigation of the Roberto Sgalla, ex-director of the office of external affairs.

For the news round up from the day of Mignini's conviction, click here.

For info on the defamation suits related to this case, including Giuliano Mignini, click here.

Now the motivation document is available to the public and you can read that document embedded here. Below are both the Italian and English versions. The English version is a computer translation, so at the moment that translation is rough. For the Italian version, this is the full and unredacted copy.

Italian Version Part 1

Italian Version Part 2

English Version Part 1 (Rough Translation)

English Version Part 2 (Rough Translation)


  1. It seems like for years Mignini has gone after people he perceived as being critical of him. Some of that continued in the Kercher case, despite this hanging over his head. Do you think it is now safe to say this guy is seriously crazy? It looks like he had plenty of help in all this intrigue, spying, and persecution of those that dared get on his bad side. Who was helping him put Amanda and Raffaele away?

    I have talked about fate and a series of unfortunate circumstances that befell Amanda and Raffaele, so much so that I was convinced that it could not be just bad luck, that perhaps they were in some ways guilty. Looking at this, it now seems to me that there is a possibility that some of those things could have been manufactured, and there could very well have been this man behind the curtain, directing things.

  2. It's completely mandatory to prosecute this henious prosecutor. He has to be put aside from courts of justice at once. People like him are the real danger for democracy and the rule of the Law, more than criminals carrying a gun. Shame on him.