Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amanda Knox Prosecutor Tainted by 'Satanism' Case

As Meredith Kercher's killers prepare their appeal, serious questions are being asked about the man who led the case against them
By Peter Popham
One of Italy's most rambunctious legal performers, the scourge of Amanda Knox, was back in action last week.
Plump, pompous and perspiring, Giuliano Mignini, 60, may look like a character out of Dickens, but in persuading a Perugia jury to convict Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of murdering Knox's English flatmate Meredith Kercher, the public prosecutor for the city of Perugia earned himself a reputation for steely ruthlessness in nailing his enemies.
A devout Catholic with a dim view of lax modern ways, he went on to demand that Knox serve not 26 years, as decided by the court, but life. And he was on form again this week, adding to the American student's woes by prosecuting her for slander. During the murder trial, Knox had claimed that, during an all-night grilling, a woman police officer had repeatedly slapped her. Mignini said "the good name of the Perugia police" had been attacked and asked the judge to add another six years to Knox's sentence.
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  1. Someone should check to see if Joran van der Sloot was in Perugia at that time!

  2. i hope karma bites this guy in the ass. He looks like a criminal not a judge

  3. Way to go Mignini and Guittiari! You win the bumbling idiot conspiracy theory award. Now if only you could repair the damage done to to many families and to all lives destroyed for your idiocy/lunacy. Great article

  4. Plump Prosecutor G. Mignini has made this case about himself and his career and it is no longer about the memory of Mez Kercher. This plump piglet has stolen the thunder by asking for life sentences and bringing suit to save the so-call "good names" of the Perugian Flying Squad.

    Magnini is all about Mignini.