Friday, June 4, 2010

Amy Jenkins: Amanda Knox's plight has taken an even more absurd turn

From The Independent:

There's adding insult to injury – and there's adding an entirely spurious slander trial to a monumentally unjust 26-year prison sentence. It's not enough for the Italian authorities to have convicted Amanda Knox for murder on the basis of a) no forensic evidence, b) no motive and c) no previous; they're now going to prosecute her for slandering the police when she spoke out in her own defence.

There have been complaints about a kind of snobbery leaking out from British and American commentators about the Italian judicial system – but no amount of political correctness is going to stop me from saying that this trumped-up charge exposes the Amanda Knox case for the witch hunt it is. I'm not saying the British courts haven't overseen some terrible injustices in their time, but the fact is that if you were serving 26 years for murder in this country and you said the police hit you, you wouldn't be had up for slander.


  1. I've spent over 1000 hours studying the evidence. After collecting the evidence and connecting the dots the following is my conclusion.
    A lot of hard work as intended is required to understand what happened, but what happened is very simple. Guede was desperate for money because the cops caught him with items he stole from a law office, and he needed get out of town! Guede watched the girl's secluded apartment several days, then one evening 8:40 pm, Nov 1, 2007, he busted the window, and climbed in a few minutes before Meredith unexpectedly came home. He was just getting started plundering Filomena's room when he had the need to go to the toilet. When he heard Meredith come in he got quiet. She borrowed Amanda's lamp as she walked to her room, not knowing he was there. She called her mom from her room at 8:56 pm and seconds later he surprise attacked her, interrupting the call before her mom could answer. Guede ended the call and soon he ended her life. He acted alone out of greed and desperation. This is exactly what all the evidence points to.

  2. Whn is someone going to do something!!

  3. She's where she belongs! She's a psychopathic murder! Perfect case for the death penalty!