Monday, November 23, 2009

Doug Preston and Dr. Libby Johnson (Forensic Expert) on NBC

Libby Johnson on the knife: "It does not come from blood....I don't believe that it was ever on the blade itself. I think its quite likely a laboratory contamination issue." Dr. Libby established the Harris County Medical Examiner's DNA lab in 1991.

Doug Preston: Italian sources tell him that Amanda will be convicted and acquitted on appeal.

The West Seattle Herald also runs a story story today
: "“Amanda and Meredith were very friendly,” said Janet Huff, Knox’s aunt. “Just two days before (the murder) they attended the Chocolate Festival together and had been out together to local pubs. There were quite a few photos of the two of them together in the days before her murder on Amanda's computer. Too bad the Italian police completely fried it when trying to get into it and were not able to retrieve a single thing."