Monday, November 30, 2009

Defense's Closing Argument: Day 1

NBC: Keith Miller Reports/Interview w/ Anne Bremner

Nick Pisa, Daily Mail:

'Are we to believe that selective cleaning was carried out by Raffaele and Amanda ?' she asked.

'They said 'oh there's my fingerpints, there's my footprints, there's my DNA and then cleaned it all up, leaving only Rudy's handprint and DNA at the scene.'

Ann Wise, ABC: One of Italy's most prominent defense lawyers told the jury in Amanda Knox's murder trial today that the 22-year-old student from Seattle is not "Amanda the Ripper."

Instead, attorney Giulia Bongiorno said that Knox is more like "Amelie of Seattle," referring to the popular French movie "Amelie" about a naive young woman who tries to help people. ...cont

Nick Pisa, Sky News:

"Throughout this trial I have heard Amanda described as someone who coveted hatred, someone who was a maneater and someone who was a diabolical witch…" the lawyer said.

"She is not Amanda the Ripper. She is a fragile and weak girl...