Friday, November 27, 2009

Summations: Week 2



Millions Sought in Damages in Italy Murder Case (AP)

Amanda Knox a 'She Devil Who Destroyed Innocent Man'

Amanda Knox Hit w/ $12 million Law Suit (ABC, Ann Wise)

From Perugia Shock (Frank Sfarzo):

"Another terrible day for Amanda. She had again to listen to another inquisitor throwing mud on her, convincing the world, convincing the jury, who just wait to be convinced.
Her lawyers were busy with the papers, her family wasn't there yet. She was all alone again, with the death in her heart.

Then they all arrived: stepfather and mother, father and wife, aunt. The free people arrived and she turned around with a look that confessed all the drama she was going through. A glance from desperation, a howl in silence. The loudest howl."