Monday, April 19, 2010

The Appeal Moves Forward for Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox

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Lawyers for both Raffele Sollecito have now filed their appeals. Frank Sfarzo of Perugia-Shock has updated his blog with more specifics about Sollecito's appeal in particular:
They repropose their argument of illegitimate arrest of Raffaele due the original lack of legal assistance and they ask to cancel the judge order that declared it regular, so to obtain the immediate release of Raffaele.
They try again with the full re-examination of all scientific data, included the DNA tests.
They deny the validity of DNA result for The Knife and the bra clasp.
They ask the substance on the pillow case to be analyzed.
They ask an audiometric test to demonstrate that Nara couldn't have heard Meredith screams and the steps.
They ask new investigative activity to be performed and discussed in trial, they ask new witnesses to be heard to doubt Toto's version.
They also now believe that Rudy was not alone when he committed the crime, and will rely on Mario Alessi's testimony and the one of three other gentlemen from Viterbo jail to prove this.
But, above all, they maintain the illegitimacy of the whole trial in Corte d'Assise, since it forced the defendants to prove their innocence, when, by law, it should be the opposite.

Also, from Bob Graham, the possibility that Rudy might have been a police informant is discussed. There is much more to this finding that will hopefully be revealed in the press shortly:
LAWYERS appealing against the murder conviction of Amanda Knox have been told they can’t use shocking new evidence.
It reveals the third person convicted of killing British student Meredith Kercher had committed six serious crimes over 33 days before the killing.
But robberies carried out by small-time drug dealer Rudy Guede were ignored by Italian authorities, raising suspicions that he was a police informer.
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Also, co-prosecutor Manuel Comodi brushes off a defendant's right to examine the evidence against them. To this day, the defense team has yet to receive the .FSA files which are vitally important to examining the DNA evidence. More here from the Telegraph.